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BAXBO Game Night 2.0

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It's time for another BAXBO Game Night Recap. This time we ventured out to Clinton where we met friends and family at the Pizza Pie Café for all-you-can eat pizza, salad and dessert. The buffet style restaurant is a perfect place for an event like this because it allows people to get as much food as they want and to sneak back for seconds, thirds and in my case fourths, throughout the night. Playing these new BAXBO Games really works up an appetite. The overall favorite of the night seemed to be Xoom Cubes, the fast paced word race game. Things got especially...
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Xoom Cubes- The Ultimate Word Race Game

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What is Xoom Cubes? XOOM CUBES is a thousand word games in one! Never-ending challenges stacked upon never-ending fun stacked upon never-ending challenges. (It’s a vicious cycle.) You can play by our rules or create your own. You never liked rules much anyways, did you? We’ll provide you with the basics, and even a few challenges to get you started, and you can take it from there! XOOM Play- Claim your color quickly! Each player chooses a different color of dice. The shortest player in the game will initiate each challenge by shouting “XOOM!” The first player to complete the...
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tummple! The Sky is the Limit

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What is it? Tummple is a one-of-kind strategy building game. Unlike other building block games, Tummple provides an opportunity to ramp up the stakes. With the unique tummps placed as obstacles, it takes the balancing act to greater heights. How do I play? Instead of giving a long-winded explanation of the “How-To”, I’ll just let you check it out in this video: Basically: -Roll the dice to determine your move. -Strategically place your block or tummp -Don’t knock over the tower Possibly the greatest thing about tummple! is that it is a good old-fashioned table-top game that is not afraid...
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