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Where Do You Get Your Drink On?

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The beautiful thing about FlaskTie and FlaskScarf is that it is the perfect combination of style and stealth. You can get your drink on anytime, anywhere. We’ve come up with a few places to get you started because, hey, we like to party. At the Office You’ve been watching the clock all week long, counting down the seconds until 5:00PM Friday, and freedom. Well, here’s the bad news: It’s only 2:45. And it’s Wednesday. Normally, you’d have 2 ½ days to go before you can get your drink on. And that memo that says “There will no longer be casual...
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Welcome to the new and hopefully much improved home of all things BAXBO. We have redesigned our web presence in order to give our customers, wholesalers and friends better accessibility, navigation and enjoyment on our site. Many of our products are so unique that each deserves its own space to truly shine. We’ve compiled them all under one roof here for you. Dive into and we guarantee you’ll find something that peaks your interest and with any luck you’ll find yourself not only interested but genuinely experiencing something new. But what exactly is the BAXBO experience? Here at BAXBO,...
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