A Thousand Word Games In One

Letter Race

Letter Races are challenges where players must spell a word/words using a specific number of letters or cubes.

For example:

  • Spell a five-letter word
  • Spell your favorite color
  • Spell a seven-letter word


And now we’ve gone colorblind! Potluck Challenges disregard your color set entirely! At the “XOOM!” players toss all dice into the center, but don’t admire the clashing of the rainbow alphabet too long, the object is to pull out as many words as possible, using any letter on the table.

Category Race

Spell words from specific categories like:

  • Holidays
  • Sports
  • Celebrity Name
  • Months
  • Animals
  • Movie Titles

Timed Games

Set the clock! You have 30 seconds to spell as many words as you possibly can. If a player uses all his/her dice before the clock runs out, they can snatch the flag to end time early!


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